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1conversation offers a range of customizable training options for businesses and academic institutions. We specialize in Leadership Development, Coach Training and Individual Coaching, and Team Building.

Leadership Development

Leadership is about consciousness, an awareness of the many events are occurring simultaneously, and a curiosity and openness to what is possible.  Leaders choose to ask questions, they choose to imagine a world that is different than the one they live in.  That is the precursor, the first necessary step to creating anything.  It requires trust in oneself.  It requires risk.  It requires letting go of the exact details of how the future will look and embracing an idea instead.

At 1conversation leadership development focuses on cultivating authentic, intuitive, curious leaders with exceptional communication skills and the capacity and willingness to stretch in new directions in the interest of innovating and developing strong teams.


The foundation for powerful relationships is the capacity to have curious, honest conversations with effective communication, full engagement, and community building as core goals.

To achieve these goals, it is critical to adopt a “coaching approach,” and we therefore provide content that pulls from coaching methodologies as well as current leadership best practices, such as Carol Dweck’s work on growth mindset. 1conversation provides a pathway for cultivating exceptionally productive human relationships, which will add value to any business environment or education community.

We also offer one on one coach training for individuals and coaching packages for businesses.

Team Building

Too often organizations struggle with “every person for themselves” mentalities leaving valuable resources untapped.  This profoundly limits both productivity and creativity, leading to frustration, stagnation, and higher costs.  Cohesive teams are exponentially stronger than individuals working on their own and our team building workshops provide the skills by building capacity for communication, overcoming fears, and creating an atmosphere of trust within your team.

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