For Educators

1conversation offers a three module, nine-day coaching skills development workshop designed for educators.* Schools are learning communities committed to giving their students full opportunity to discover and develop their talents and interests, to pursue their unique potentials, and to achieve an intellectually, culturally and economically satisfying relationship with society.  At 1conversation we believe that the precursor for the ability to connect with others is the capacity to connect to ourselves. Educators strive to create strong relationships with students and prepare them for success. The foundation for these relationships is the capacity to have curious, powerful conversations with effective communication, full engagement, and community building as core goals. Our workshops create a learning environment that is experientially grounded and contextually rich so that those skills are developed and techniques are practiced.

To achieve these goals, it is critical to adopt a “coaching approach,” and we therefore provide content that pulls from coaching methodologies as well as current leadership best practices, such as Carol Dweck’s work on growth mindset. 1conversation provides a pathway for cultivating exceptionally productive human relationships, which will add value to any education community.


1conversation’s focus is on giving individuals full opportunity to discover and develop their uniqueness so they can better serve students. Faculty will be empowered to be the champions of their students, thereby contributing to student success and positive impact on society.  Module 1 begins with an exploration into participants’ personal values and motivators as related to their work environments. Module 2 extends the learning into enhancing relationships with students, and Module 3 offers strategies for exploring perspectives and making resonant choices that lead students forward in positive and creative ways.

*This program can modified to fit the needs of your institution.

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