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Yoon met with us for 1conversation over Skype. The question Yoon answered was “What was your favourite part of today? What’s important about that?  Her answer to the first question was that her favourite part of her day was talking to us.  Of course, that brought smiles to our faces but then we curiously wondered why that was her favourite thing?

“Because I’m talking with people who listen and care and share similar passions and are doing things that are inspiring. I’m inspired by people who act with courage to move forward with whatever their heart desires, and to help people realize that the world isn’t such a hostile place and can be filled more with love and compassion and patience.”

What takes courage for Yoon is to not take things personally and to have  more fun, to let go of “seriousness” and trust that her work will still be great. When we asked her what sort of thing would be fun and totally against the grain for her she responded “to move out of New Jersey, because New Jersey’s not that fun for me.”

Yoon described her ideal environment as being close to a city and to nature, pedestrian friendly, and with lots of places to exercise her curiosity.  Someplace inspiring.  Yoon’s commitment is to finding a new home, starting with a trial-run weekend with a friend in Washington DC.

We know that Yoon hasn’t found her place yet, but she did get away for a fun beach vacation, without her laptop!  

Screenshot 2015-08-31 yoon

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  • Donna

    Yes Yoon ! Canada is calling out your name!

    October 28, 2015

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