1conversation with Linda

We had 1conversation with Linda Lombardo over Skype, because the 3 of us were all in different places.  We spread the cards around pointed the camera at them so Linda could choose her question, and she got  “what roles do love and affection play in your life?”

Linda shared with us the special relationship she has with her son and how that has changed and grown now that he is an adult.  She also shared the inspiring lessons that her dogs have taught her about love, one being that “No matter what you think is wrong with you, they really still love you.  I think it’s a great model…for how we develop relationships with people.  For someone to say, well that was really stupid, and I still love you so much! How would that change our world?”

“Here’s what I notice, when we’re in our values, it doesn’t matter what we’re getting back, it doesn’t matter how people treat us…. As an adult I’ve been unlearning conditional love and stepping into unconditional love.” She also noted the importance of acknowledging the significant things she sees others doing, so that they feel seen, and heard.

When we asked Linda what she wanted to create from here, to take unconditional love to the next level, her commitment was about walking with forgiveness.  Specifically she chose to commit to forgiving before something even happens, or in other words, to not be attached to a particular outcome so that there will be no disappointment or frustration if something does not go according to plan. Screenshot 2015-08-07 12.27.44

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