1conversation with Jen Lara

We had 1conversation with Jen live on the air of Voice of Evolution Radio, hosted by Linda Lombardo.  Jen is an professor, blogger, speaker, and lover of really big mountains. Her blog is called Upcycled Education and is a platform for sharing not only educational strategies and theories but also whatever moves her.

Jen’s question for the conversation of her life was “What is the greatest accomplishment of your life? What’s important about that?”  Her response: facing her fears.  “My fears kept me from doing the things I really wanted to do and was hungry for, and until I faced them, there was no ‘real’ moving forward in life.”

We inquired: “What is the biggest fear that is still out there for you?”  Jen replied, “I’m just about to start a new position in which I am expected to dream and to execute. I’m hoping that when I was invited to work on this new project they really meant it [that I’m really allowed to dream], because I’m ready.”

Jen committed to being a new, stronger person in her new role and throwing down the gauntlet to shake things up and face whatever comes, because as she said, “It’s show time…it’s time to take action.  I’ll know I’m being bold when I get push back, and that’s a celebration moment.”  We are excited to hear more from Jen about her new role!

Jen Lara Commits to being BOLD and celebrating pushbacks

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