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Sue Abuelsamid, CPCC         Sue is a professional coach, writer, leader, and educator. Sue  works with leaders from board rooms and classrooms who wish to design their ideal lives and teams while connecting with their most authentic selves. Sue is driven to help people get curious, and connect with what matters to them with the goal of building better relationships, better communities and businesses, and a better world. With over 20 years of experience in education and business she has devoted her life to understanding and cultivating authentic and powerful leadership and she strives to create an atmosphere that is             transformative, engaging, and fun. Sue is a founding partner in 1conversation. Learn more about Sue here.

Steve Tulowitzki, CPCC            I am a curious human being, certified coach, skilled facilitator, grounded educator, burgeoning writer, and former “Successful Human Zombie.” I believe that there is an extraordinary human soul inside every person, and I am dedicating my life to helping people learn to converse with that version of themselves. It will be a strange journey…one that many won’t understand at first. Yet, it is THE journey. We’ve come here to do it, 1conversation at a time! Learn more about me here.

Steve is a founder and investor in 1conversation.

_MG_5270-EditSophia Apostol, CPCC

Sophia Apostol is a business and leadership coach with 15 years of experience in the academic and corporate sectors.  She builds leadership capacity by focusing on awareness, learning, growth, and emotional intelligence.   Sophia has worked with entrepreneurs, managers, academics, and executives who want to enjoy fulfillment in both career and personal lives.  Sophia is recognized for her excellent communication skills, leadership, and adaptability to change.  As a coach, Sophia immediately builds trust and connection with her clients, honouring their distinctiveness and creating an environment for personal and professional growth.

B.A. (Hons. English Literature), MLIS, CPCC, Co-Active


We Dream of Conversation

We dream of a great conversation

in which every person’s hearing is finely tuned

where every voice is clear and unhindered

by the stories of our past

those myths we’ve created along the way that have kept us quiet

until now

We dream of a great conversation

one that melts hearts

and forges foundations

one that brings together all the elements in one breath

for a dance with no defined steps

We dream of a great conversation

one where eyes are locked

where the energy is so strong

it is impossible to pull away

like a windmill creating power as it spins

We dream of a great conversation

where all voices are active and engaged

where discoveries are made

of shared values

where our blood all runs as one

and our hearts beat as one

We dream of a conversation

so delicious that every bite is savoured like an exotic chocolate

We dream of a conversation

so rich that if it were currency we would be billionaires

We dream of a conversation

as fresh as a spring rain that brings up the new growth

after a long winter

We dream of a great conversation

that generates more questions than answers

that grows and evolves like a painting on a canvas

never complete

never ending

always alive.

The 1conversation team


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